Inspiring humans, creatives and their spaces, sustainability & our environment. 

Illustrator ~ Heather Hunt

Heather is an illustrator based in the beautiful Whangarei Heads in Northland, New Zealand. She has the enviable job of drawing and dreaming up beautiful children’s books.Read More

Open Spaces pre school ~ Geoff Fugle

“We want to foster in children an ecological identity, one that shapes them as surely as their cultural and social identities. I believe that this ecological identity, born in a particular place, opens children to a broader connection with the earth; love for a specific place makes possible love for other places. An ecological identity allows us to experience the earth as our home ground, and leaves us determined to live in honourable relationship with our planet.” 

~Ann Pelo, A Pedagogy for Ecology, 2008Read More

Painter/Printmaker ~ Michele Bryant

‘I often work in a state of complicated decision making.  Particular colours and the relationship of spaces in a composition, the meaning behind each shape and the reference to subject matter, consume me entirely’

-Michele BryantRead More

Wairarapa eco farm ~ Community supported agriculture (Part 1)

Recently we took a camping trip to a local eco farm in the Wairarapa to learn more about this community minded venture.  I am really interested in ways people are quietly going about helping the environment within their career.   I love listening to their story unfold and hearing what motivated and drove them.Read More

Creative gardener ~ Joy Redwood

“Gardening sits in between science and art combining elements of both. It allows me to create something appealing to the eye thus contributing to the current and future environment around us as well as being functional in providing necessities – be it shelter or food. It provides an opportunity to connect with people, to share ideas, precious memories and experiences thereby enriching relationships. Above all it is a therapy – it exercises the body, stimulates the mind and restores the soul.”

-Joy RedwoodRead More

Markets of Sri Lanka

Hey there! Thanks for taking a spin around this blog. In this post Im looking at a recent trip to Sri Lanka.  I thought it would be nice to start with a favourite travel past time – wandering the local markets and taking in the colours, textures and smells of a bustling marketplace. It feels like a great way for me to learn about a culture and its people. The more remote usually the better.Read More