‘Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird’


I recently caught up with an old friend, telling her about my ‘creative people and their spaces’ project. She mentioned her uncle Keith Grinter was an amazing glass blower in Whangarei town basin…

Keith has a great spot right in the heart of the marina. He has an open studio that you can safety watch him creating his beautiful blown glass artwork. The space has a mezzanine floor so you can get a good view of the whole studio and really feel the heat!

I managed to time my visit just right to see a vase completely take shape. Its full on action with the heat, the speed at which Keith needs to move, the blazing fires and swinging and blowing of the glass. Somehow Keith managed to keep up a rolling dialogue with onlookers and not get burnt.

I asked Keith if he had any burns but amazingly he didnt. ‘Its too hot to get burnt’. Keith said.  I understood what he meant. His studio is colourful and well laid out. All his tools and equipment easily reached while swinging his burning hot glass pole.

Upstairs he has more space to work on his business and his paintings which he still does and sells.

If your in Whangarei, pop in and see Keith at the town basin marina. Its a great spot for a coffee and a gander at Keith in action. There’s several galleries in the area too and the beginnings of the Hundertwassser Museum.

For more info on Keith check out his website here: